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Submitting your recipe with your deft and precise touch is not hard. The key is not to over-complicate it, as recipes for Soul of Cuisines only need few things listed below that help you to deliver a clearer, practical recipe that people are more likely to cook.

Once you have your recipe written, test it and make amendments if needed.

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Writing Your Recipe
1. Title of the dish. (Please write the original name of the dish and include the English name in parenthesis if it’s different than the local one.)
2. Next is the description, here you will tell everyone about your dish. How, where, when you got the recipe. Don’t forget to mention which cuisine this dish belongs to. If it is a fusion cuisine, or your very own recipe, please mention that in this part.
3. Include the list of ingredients with proper measurement.
4. Writing instructions is the vital part of your recipe. For instance, how you make the dish delicious is the key to it, so don’t forget to write the instruction as clear as possible. Use the imperative sentences and sequence marker in your text.
5. Please add the preparation time, cooking time, difficulty level, ingredient availability, what course it is, and how many people it servers to.
6. In the last part, please add the notes that you think other people should know about this recipe.
Taking Photographs for Your Dish
Please submit a cover photographs of your dish, along with 2-3 photographs from different perspective, and photographs showing preparation.
Doing food photography is not hard, however, a photographer must have knowledge of food styling and food types to capture quickly an image that portrays a tantalizing, appetizing appearance, enough to impart a “just cooked” feel and awaken the palate, the moment one looks into the image.
We have a preciously written food styling and photography guide – Mastering Food Photography: The Tidbits of Joy in Every Single Clicks. Do collect your copy and learn the art of capturing mouthwatering food photographs.

Once you think you are ready

to submit all these, scroll down to the next section and submit your best recipe for everyone.

Recipe Submission & Requirements

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