(Cengkih, Giroflier, Syzygium aromaticum, Gewürznelke, or লবঙ্গ)

Widely used in Asian, African, and the Middle Eastern cuisines, Cloves have a lending flavor that is used for cooking curries, as well as for marinades. They are often complement to fruit such as apples, pears, or rhubarb. They also pair well with cinnamon, vanilla, basil, as well as onion, citrus peel, star anise, or peppercorns.

Clove has a long history of trading around the world, as until the modern times, it grew only on a few islands in the Maluku Islands.

Clove is also known as:
Syzygium aromaticum
Eugenia caryophyllata



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Beef Tehari

The aromatic rice, the beef, the green chilies, and the unique flavor of mustered oil, make Beef Tehari one of the best dishes in the world. In essence it is one kind of Biriyani, however, it misses the saffron, the Indian clarified and caramelized butter - ghee and mutton, which define biriyani as biriyani.