Each Cuisine is Different

That Delights Us with its Unique Taste

The history of food is a part of the history of human civilization. It is the essential of our life. Its style, and practices are influenced by the specific culture, tradition, religion, and ingredients that are available in that region. Often a cuisine is named after the region where it originated. Each cuisine is different that delights us with its unique taste.

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Bengali Fish Kofta Curry with Onion Gravy

Macher Kofta Curry

With rich spicy curry and the finest taste of fresh water fish, Bengali Fish Kofta Curry with Onion Gravy is a perfect lunch or dinner main course serving with steamed or savory Indian rice.

Beef Tehari

The aromatic rice, the beef, the green chilies, and the unique flavor of mustered oil, make Beef Tehari one of the best dishes in the world. In essence it is one kind of Biriyani, however, it misses the saffron, the Indian clarified and caramelized butter - ghee and mutton, which define biriyani as biriyani.

Mughlai Morog

Mughlai chicken is one of those royal dishes that is rich with mild, thick and creamy gravy. This dish is absolutely delicious, very easy to cook, and every one of my family loves it. It is, in fact, one of our favorite dishes during weekends. Simply follow the instruction and it will turn out heavenly.